Discussion question for section 1: who do you like most, George or Lennie?

So you’ve met them both, but what do you think of them? Who gets your vote for favourite character so far and why?

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To whet your appetite…

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1937: a time of unrest and gloominess…

The man himself...

Steinbeck was heavily influenced by what was happening in America at the time he was writing. Hopefully you’ve now done some research into this era in history – give us your top factoids about it!

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Hello – well done on finding us!

Welcome to Gordonstoun English department’s discussion page for Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Every week we’ll be posting discussion questions and interesting things about the novel so that we can share ideas and keep in touch with those of you away on exchange. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas – let’s get some good critical commenting going!

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